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Eat the Rainbow and nourish your body with 100% spray free, plant based, handmade with love, whole food meals.

Pacha Yumma is a boutique meal delivery company servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane are. We are 100% vegan, use fresh and local spray-free produce and are waste conscious. Great for you and great for the planet.

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The Chef


Meet our creator and head chef

Pacha Yumma is the brain child and baby of Dayna “Rainbow’ Williams. Dayna has dedicated her life to holistic health and wellbeing, embarking on her quest at age 9 to discover how she could enable her loved ones to live forever. 


After many years of dedicated research (and thousands of hours in the kitchen), Dayna founded Pacha Yumma. A meal delivery service for families and individuals seeking to nourish themselves with a rainbow spectrum of mother nature’s finest in order to live happy, healthy and vibrant lives.

Our Food

Every Pacha Yumma meal is prepared with love from fresh spray free ingredients from local Gold Coast farms.

We cook everything from scratch and live by the philosophy Eat the Rainbow"

When we say eat the rainbow, we mean it. We pack in maximum diversity per meal to give your body a huge range of nutrients, setting you up to thrive! We challenge you to find a meal that includes the range of ingredients we offer per serve.


Pacha Yumma is the easiest way to nourish your precious body with a rainbow spectrum of fresh, delicious plant based meals - thank you Mother Earth!

How does

Pacha Yumma


To start nourishing your body with our  Plant Based meals, Follow these easy steps

1. Your selection

Select the meals you would like to order for the week (snacks, sides, drinks or juices you would like)  via our ordering system.
Order here

2. Your order

Submit your order including pick up day and time BEFORE 10pm each week.

All meals are made on Monday.
Gold Coast : MONDAY deliveries from 5-8pm and picks ups from 430-6pm.
Brisbane: TUESDAYS deliveries between 10am-3pm and pick up from 6am-5pm.
* PLEASE PUT A REMINDER ON YOUR PHONE. All orders for Monday, need to placed any time during the week before 10pm Friday.

3. Pick it up / Delivery

Your fresh and delicious food will be waiting for you at our address within our pick up times during our opening hours. Delivery is available for all orders over $100 within 15 kilometers from our kitchens. 


Note for new eaters: If you are NEW we will purchase You, your own glass, appropriately portioned, containers to use for futures orders.

4. Happy belly

After ordering your meals from our nourishing rainbow menu, you will receive an email confirming your order. You will also hear from Dayna or one of the team on your first order, to help you understand how our waste free and real food menu works! 

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