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guest speakers


online 20 m call replay

live content weekly

weekly topics

juive fast optional

water fast optional

one on one call start to finish

personal contact individual

guidance email, messenger

group support

intutive awareness

recipes juices and smoothies

superfoods and medicinal purposes

the power of positive self talk

making over the medicine cabinet



Weekly Tropics:


Food cravings, Addictions


Energy, Vibrations,Trust Guidance,support

mindset, thoughts, passion

essential oils, medicinal, vibrational

detoxing, fasting, juicing,water cleansing, enima colonics

self care, self love

daily rituals

gut health, nutrient absorbtion

immune support, vaccinations

dit toxin free living, make your own, education

movemnet, lymphatic system, 5 rites

breath work, oxygenate body





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